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Name:Boyd Crowder
Birthdate:Apr 8
Location:Harlan, Kentucky
His name is Boyd Crowder.

He is from Harlan County, Kentucky.

You could say Boyd has an explosive personality.


Boyd's accent is thick (and rhotic), but his speech is customarily quiet, thoughtful, and deliberate; when his voice is raised, it behooves you to tread lightly. He's of middling height -- about 5'10", and another inch or so in his boots. He always wears boots. (Useful boots, not fancy boots.) His hair customarily stands on end without use of product. His hairline recedes some; he's in that slippage region around his late thirties. He wears workingman's clothes, made to last, that are always neat and in good repair -- shirts buttoned all the way to the collar, shirttails tucked in, belt buckle rarely fancy.

He's not above playing up the hillbilly should he perceive it might give him some advantage, now or later.

He's spent quite a bit of time in prison, federal and state. He read broadly while incarcerated -- a habit that he's maintained. His musical tastes have taken a recent turn for the Drive-By Truckers. He has several tattoos, covered by his shirt, that are a product of a time in his life when he espoused neo-Nazi, neo-Confederate, and white supremacist ideologies. He is open, in his way, to new ideas and new paradigms, especially (but not exclusively) if there's the promise of money or power attached.

He can operate a still. He can clog at a Sunday afternoon gathering. He can preach a good, fire-filled sermon. He is a third- or fourth-generation criminal of the organized breed; while he has no problem with Oxy (and certainly no problem with pot), he draws the line at meth.

Crossing that line will expose you to Boyd's other primary interest, which is explosives. He knows quite a lot about explosives, both for recreational use and in his legitimate line of work down in a coal mine.

Boyd Crowder is a lot of things. One thing to remember that may well be important for your survival:

Boyd Crowder is not stupid.


Boyd Crowder is from FX's show Justified, where he is portrayed by Walton Goggins. I do not own Boyd or Justified. This journal is for RP purposes, primarily in [community profile] milliways_bar. I make no income or profit whatsoever from this operation.

I, [personal profile] agonistes, am not a white supremacist. Neo-Nazi and neo-Confederate ideologies are gross. If you have questions, issues, or concerns related to this iteration of Boyd Crowder, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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